Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Application implement into a business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Application implement into a business - Essay Example Wrapped wire method also is said to have a digital use of circuit for using solder less boards. Advantages of wrapped wire are as follows, it is reliable method, it is relatively cheap, can be used to make a permanent circuit, the last but not the least it is fast and easily to change the system for better operation. Although, this method is highly preferred in most of machines which consume relatively high voltage, they are associated with demerits such that connection to the lead square must be made with solder to the head of the IC socket where the pin wire is heading to. Therefore, capacitors, resistors and transistors soldered to the IC to complete the circuit (Kraslawski & Turunen, 2013). Another disadvantage is that, low current is associated with few number of mA, thus reducing working capacity of the machine. Prototyping environments and processes regarding to a computer system Environment is a key factor that should be considered before buying and setting a prototype system. For instance, a computer is one of the electronic gadgets that require sensitive attention to be considered. Therefore, wrap wire method and printed circuit board are used because they are safe, highly reliable and so on. Computers requires a steady flow of current such that, connection of wires from a power supply to the entire system should be very competed to avoid failure of current from reaching the destination. Additionally, printed circuit board helps machines to keep steadiness flow of current to the junior elements such as transistors and capacitors which maintains functioning of a computer. In a computer system there two types of prototypes namely, hardware prototype and software prototype (National Research Council, 2008). Hardware prototypes are mostly concerned with fixing all the physical functional parts of a computer. These parts include motherboard elements, monitor, a nd switches among other physical part of a computer. On the other hand, software prototypes are concerned with installation of programs, such as micro soft office, VLC, internet among many programs, as one can prefer (Russell, M. T. (2008). Defining an accessibility technology for the prototype in a business In order to achieve desirable and accessible prototypes many companies have found it as a

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