Monday, November 4, 2019

Muslims and Arabs in American Society Coursework - 2

Muslims and Arabs in American Society - Coursework Example Steps have been taken to alter American perceptions about Muslim and Arab community in order to strengthen mutual interests and respect, and crack the code for understanding and communication with the Muslim and Arab groups. Now, by abandoning unpopular policies and with a difference in manner and style, focusing on the priorities of Muslim and Arab groups has become highly important for US public diplomacy department (Greco). Arabs and Muslims in America have been subjected to prejudice and hate crimes following the post 9/11 conflict between US and Muslim world. Mysteriousness, religious extremism, and cultural backwardness are the characteristics of orientalism, which are associated with American Muslims and Arabs (Jayne). Orientalism and prejudice together foment crime and hate between Muslims and Christian community in America. It should be understood on individual level that not all Muslims hold the same negative grudges against Americans, so they should be spared from hate cri mes targeted at American Muslim groups, and children should also be taught how to tolerate different religions and cultures.

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