Monday, November 18, 2019

Refugees in Erie Pennsylvania Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Refugees in Erie Pennsylvania - Essay Example In the Erie region, refugees have limited access to health care services, as the provided care by the state agencies and local organizations are insufficient (USCRI, 2011). Additionally, they have limited, or no access and control of resources because they come from conflict-ridden communities such as Iraq, Bhutan, Somalia, Congo, and Ukraine among other countries. Refugees have little or no access to formal education that is enjoyed by other USA citizens. Although they make up a legal percentage of the population, these people are not entirely incorporated to the national budgetary allocation for education or other social amenities (USCRI, 2011). However, they benefit from the intervention of the local faith-based organizations. Furthermore, due to the living condition and lack of resources, these people live in adverse poverty. Their access to basic needs such as shelter and adequate nutritious food is limited. Regardless of the poor conditions experienced by the refugee in the Erie region, they contribute to the community with their cultural heritage used in day-care services. Specifically, the Bhutan’s cultural practice is a potential source of income for the women. The traditional songs of the refugees are necessary tools that enrich the lives of the day-care teachers and children (Pennsylvania Department of Health, 2012). The refugee women train for careers in childcare where they get employment to improve their

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