Thursday, November 21, 2019

SEE and Create Topics Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SEE and Create Topics - Coursework Example When I think of electricity, high voltages, and lightning, I would automatically associate them with immense forms of power and I can only wonder how it can be controlled in such a way that it would create a musical piece. I have seen other musical displays before such as those accompanied by fireworks, lights, or water. However, the use electricity, channeling like lightning and even creating distinct and controlled sounds offers a more exciting and engaging show. b. The subject of the art is a woman. Colors involved in the art can be divided into two parts: a warm and natural palette on the upper portion and vivid and flashy colors on the bottom. The elements of design and composition are timing, motion arcs, and overlapping actions. a. Understanding the story or plot in the animation is somehow challenging, wherein a woman is confronted with some obstacles in her way. However, I think that the main feature of this art form is to showcase the fascinating concepts of timing and multi-dimensional motion. In Diane Meyer’s Italy VI: 2009, 2011, hand-sewn archival ink-jet print embroidered photo of a scenic image of a land form, the easily distinguishable crisscross pattern of the embroidery adds depth to an already pronounced art of photography. The sewn tiles in the photograph are intricately designed to attain unity and balance with the original photo. It is evident that Chinese tea cups are among the world’s most beautifully created ceramic art. The significance of tea cups in Chinese culture and tradition can be traced to several centuries ago. This segment hosted by Stephen Fry gives a hilarious side of the history of Chinese tea cups, together with his guests; they brought me to a big laugh and at the same time gave me a brief but informative knowledge on the magnificent tea cups of early

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