Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Data Analysis by SQL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Data Analysis by SQL - Essay Example Based on the results obtained, it is evident that the highest value customers in terms of the revenue are mainly from Europe, including, Denmark, Germany and France. The total revenue from US customers amounts to $ 56,029, whereas the revenue from France is $ 68,011. By identifying the products bought by the customers, their preferences can be identified. This will enable the firm to create a customer profile and make the appropriate products readily available in the proper locations. It will also be beneficial to identify the most preferred shipping service of the customers. From the database, it is evident that the United Package has been chosen for 326 times, the Federal Express was preferred for around 255 orders, whereas Speedy Express for 249 orders. Hence it is evident that the three shipping services are equally important. The orders are analysed based on the products, in order to identify the most preferred and the highest revenue generating products.The high revenue generating categories are also identified and the role of discounts in the orders are also analysed. From the analysis, the highly sold product has been found as Gorgonzoo Telino whereas the product generating the highest revenue is Cote de Blaye.However, when analysing the categories, it is found that the best selling categories in terms of revenue and number of products are Beverages, Dairy products and Confections. It is imperative to note that the least revenue generating revenues include Produce and Grains and Cereals.

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