Thursday, August 29, 2019

SHORT LISTENING ASSIGNMENT FORMAT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

SHORT LISTENING ASSIGNMENT FORMAT - Essay Example The saxophone and the trumpet both provided smooth and consistent ride patterns for most parts in the song ( Cool jazz is evident because this song smoothed out a combination of swing and bop tones. Furthermore, dynamics and harmonic elements were softened in this song. The classic jazz style is also evident because the musical instruments that have been used e.g. the saxophone, drums and double bass, show the classical style of jazz music. The musical arrangement incorporates many solos, which substantially embellished the rhythm and melody with ornaments that improvise jazz music. Both the saxophone and the trumpet provided smooth swings at some points within the song. The jazz group technique that I can hear in this song is the riffs, and trading in some parts within the song. The drum in the song was significantly effectively because beat can not be filled without the rhythm of the drum. In some parts of the song where there was some silence, the drum added beats which kept the band with a better feeling. The stylish integration of the double bass and the drums also provide a consistent ride pattern all through the song ( The song was introduced by the trumpet and saxophone which brought a pleasant feeling to the whole song. Syncopation was provided by both the piano and the drum at some points within the song. I choose to the drum because its effects were the most noticeable throughout the song. Its effects were highly noticeable all through the song, and towards the end of the song, the drum brought a conclusive touch and feel into the song. It was remarkably successful because it served all its purposes in the song effectively. I loved how the drum effects were integrated in the song.  The song is pleasing to me. I appreciate the manner in which it was delivered. The thing that I liked was the way in which the instrumentalists played their roles. One

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