Monday, August 26, 2019

Marketing research of Arriva Plc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Marketing research of Arriva Plc - Essay Example Arriva Plc is one of leading transport service provider in the entire Europe. Primarily, this multi-national corporation is a UK-based based company and it was founded by T.S. Cowie during 1938 in Sunderland. Initially, the founder, T.S. Cowie started the venture for selling second hand motor cycle and later in 1960, he also started retailing motor car. Finally, the company entered in the transportation business by acquiring Grey-Green Bus Company. By the end of 1996, it became one of the largest bus transport service providers in London. â€Å"Arriva was born in 1997: when it acquired â€Å"Unibus Holdings in Denmark† which is its first international expansion with Europe market. Arriva was acquired by Deutsche Bahn, a leading logistics and passenger service providers in August 2010. Currently, Arriva is present in 12 major countries of Europe and it has acquired major market share in these countries that has made it one of third largest transport service provider in European market. Considering its history, the company has grown with non-organic strategy i.e. by acquiring a number of firms. Currently, including its associated companies, it has nearly 47500 employees and it is operating in 12 countries with more than 16,150 vehicles generating more than 3billion revenue per year. (Arriva plc-b, n.d.). 3. Task A 3.1. Internal Analysis Before framing a set of plausible and effect marketing strategies it is necessary to assess the internal condition of the company.

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