Sunday, August 25, 2019

Discussion 1 Week 8 Comparing Decision Various and the Objective Assignment

Discussion 1 Week 8 Comparing Decision Various and the Objective Function - Assignment Example 1). On the other hand, the objective function represents the aim or goal of the problem being solved: either to maximize or minimize an identified value. The relationship between the decision variables and the objective function, therefore is found in terms of the manner by which each decision variable, identified to be an integral part of the objective function, would contribute towards attainment of the defined goal. As emphasized, â€Å"the objective function indicates how much each variable contributes to the value to be optimized in the problem† (What is the Objective Function?, n.d., p. 1). For example, if the problem calls for maximizing profit (the objective function), then, the decision variables would be to determine how many units ; of product A, product B, or product C to manufacture; given a set of restrictions or constraints, the decision variables would provide the most effective allocation in products to be manufactured in order to maximize profits. After learning the definition of the objective function, as the main goal or aim to be attained in the linear programming model, a constraint is defined as the â€Å"possible values the variables of a linear programming problem may take. They typically represent resource constraints, or the minimum or maximum level of some activity† (What are the Constraints?, n.d.). As disclosed, the constraint takes the following form: Thus, the constraints ensure that the objective or goal of the linear programming model is attained given that some restrictions in resources have been integrated in the problem solving process, as required. For instance, in a typical advertising budget problem, the constraints could be the limited amount of funds or budget that could be allocated for various medium: television, print, electronic, or other media which should not exceed, say, 20 advertisements in any of the identified media. Thus, these restrictions

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