Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bbus leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bbus leadership - Essay Example Some of the CSR initiatives which are undertaken by majority of the companies are donation to charities, implementation of carbon emission controlled processes, sponsorships of awards, philanthropic actions, business code of conduct, cause associated marketing, eco-efficiency and many more (Hansen, 34). With the advent of time, the organizations have realized that they can compete effectively by allocating sufficient amount of resources in CSR activities. There are few companies who have initiated environmental reporting trend so that they can disclose information about the measures undertaken by them to highlight their eco-friendly projects (Philips, 12). For biotechnology companies, it is crucial to make it evident that the waste eliminated from their processes is disposed off in an appropriate manner and there are various measures undertaken to control the carbon emission content. Additionally, they are required to adhere to the waste recycling laws to comply with the ethical business code of conduct (Werther and David, 23). Monsanto is among the leading biotechnology companies which has the reputation of being a prevailing player in the commercial GE (Genetically engineered) crops. It has been the innovator and also the leader in the sustainable agriculture. The organization aggressively publicizes the implementation of its technology as the main driver of its goal attainment. It has done advertisement about some of its CSR activities such as conformance to the production of food in an adequate manner, efficient responsiveness to the global warming issue and controlling the negative effects of the agriculture on environment (Union of Concerned Scientists, 1-5). In reality, the company has been unsuccessful in creating an eco-friendly business as it has engaged its production processes in an array of anti-CSR activities. The eight vital constituents of the company’s business show that it is not playing an important role in the

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