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Consumer Behaviour (Marketing) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Consumer Behaviour (Marketing) - Essay Example A, Ms. B, Miss C and Little D. Mr. A is a 63 years old retired man. He spends most of his time at home. His wife, Mrs. A, is a 55 years old lady. She has been a housewife throughout her life. She also remains confined to her home most of the times. She visits the nearby market twice a week to buy groceries and vegetables. Their elder daughter, Ms B is a 34-year-old widow and lives with them. She works as a middle level manager in a big company. Miss C, 24, is the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. She works part time while attending her MBA Classes. She spends all the money that she earns on her education and personal grooming like, clothing, perfumes, beauty parlor etc. She is very fashion conscious and spends most of the time outside home. Little D is the daughter of Ms. B. She is a 7 year old child who attends school from morning nine o' clock to noon. After that she spends her time at home watching TV. In the evening she devotes a couple of hours in doing homework and playing ou t with friends. The family does not appear to be very affluent as there is only one major working member (Ms B) when compared to the basic expenses of food for five people, medicines for two old people and education of a child. All the members of this family have their own choices as far as TV viewing and radio listening is concerned. Mr. ... Viewing / Listening pattern of Member 1 (Mr. A) Mr. A is not very choosy as far as TV channels are concerned. He watches any program that the other family members are watching and often sleeps in the middle of it. However one habit that he still maintains from his early days is listening to the news channel on the radio in the morning. He says, "Just like breakfast I never miss the morning bulletins". Listening to a particular radio channel has become such a habit that he finds his day incomplete without tuning the channel. When the entire house is bustling with activity in the morning, he is the one who is most relaxed, listening to the radio. His liking for that particular radio channel can be linked to the theory of lifestyle. On asking why he listens to that news channel of the radio he said it has become a habit since childhood days when TV had not become an integral part of our lives. Since his childhood he has heard from his elders that the radio bulletins are very credible. So his choice of radio news channel can be linked to the theory of attitude as well. It has rightly been observed by Hawkins, Best and Coney (1992, p. 372) that " Source credibility influences attitudes. It appears to be composed of two basic dimensions: trustworthiness and expertise. Influencing attitudes is much easier when the source of the message is viewed as highly credible by the target market". Viewing / Listening pattern of Member 2 (Mrs. A) Mrs. A is highly interested in watching TV. Says Mrs. A that " I literally have a fight everyday with my grand- daughter (Little D) and the sole reason of our conflict is the TV". Mrs. A loves watching channels that run daily soaps and cookery shows.

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