Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hellenistic Art Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hellenistic Art - Personal Statement Example Each of these generals co-opted the art of the time to display the unique influences that their particular kingdoms engendered. However, the unifying mark that united these differing pieces is the gigantism and baroque nature that the art oftentimes entails. However, this was taken to such an unbelievable extreme that the art lost a great deal of its appeal and became overtly tacky. As a result, gone was the era of the muted and reserved art forms of the classical era. As previously stated, the art form of the Hellenistic period was anything but restrained. Rather than showing the ideals of human and godly actions/virtues, Hellenistic art focused on the very extreme. As such the art oftentimes showed individuals in the throes of mortal combat, characters prostrating themselves in various poses, defeated warriors downing poison, men overcome by fear, the loss of honor in death, and many other such expressive/explosive emotions. In this way details such as the forcefulness of the action or circumstances and the violence of the movements associated with these are amplified. Interestingly, although the same can be said for the mosaics other art forms, the pottery and other earthen rare remained largely unchanged and muted. One could reasonably expect that this was the result of the fact that the artists were attempting to extol the highest degrees of grandeur in the public displays of Hellenistic art; whereas the more muted domestic settings required art forms that did not necessarily need to be so bold and overbearing.

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