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Egyptian Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Egyptian Art - Essay Example The size of the woman is almost half of the size of the man. Although the man is so big in comparison to the woman, both appears to be two mature people of approximately the same age. The woman cannot be mistaken to be a child despite her size because of her full body built and facial features. The man is almost naked showing his muscular upper body and sturdy arms and legs. His only body covering is some sort of a skirt. What makes him truly Egyptian is his head covering. The woman beside him wears a straight whole dress and has a straight, shoulder-length hair. The simplicity of the figure and attire of the woman as well as her physical position signify that she is subordinate to the man. In fact, I think the man is one of the Pharaohs of the old Egypt because of his headdress. The woman beside him could be one of his wives or mistresses. Their facial expressions are serious but not stern. In my own point of view, the artist is showing the two figures as clearly as he/she could portray for not any part of the body of each of the characters are hidden or distorted. They are portrayed as simply human beings except for their sizes, that is, the man is so big and the woman so small in comparison to him. On a closer scrutiny, I think the artist is showing the difference in stature and position between the man and the woman. The man is superior and the woman subordinate. This is not only manifested in the size of the figures but also in the manner of their dressing. The woman's attire is so simple compared to the man. There is not much adornment for the woman that may either show her to be a princess or queen. The way she is dressed may even suggest that she is a servant except that she lacks any tool or object that will prove it. Thus, it would be much safer to consider her as a portrayal of how inferior is a woman compared to the man. As to the figure style, the figures are rendered naturalistically, that is idealistically. The body parts are lean. These are they ways the ideal proportion and size of the human bodies should be. The man is shown as muscular and big while the woman should be petite with curves on the proper places like the breast and the belly despite the covering. I am just a little disturbed with the feet are carved, they are not carefully formed to the ideal size especially the toes. The figures are static. They appear to be just standing and having their pictures taken. Or they are shown to be there for display so that others may see them. On a closer look though, their presence already gives an impression that they are important and should be given due respect and honor. There is proportion in terms of the body parts of each figure, however, in contrast to each other, the woman is too tiny and the man so big. This must be the ideal sizes of humans in the period this was created. As mentioned earlier, this may be because of the intention of the artist that speaks of man's superiority over the woman. The artist did not put any other color on the figures except that of the natural lime color. Color is not applied maybe because it was the trend of the time. This does not diminish the effect that the sculpture has on the viewer. The sculpture is three-dimensional. The figures appear to be real people posing for a picture. Closely, when you stand beside the sculpture they seem to be real people that exude power and

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