Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Employee relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Employee relations - Essay Example It is possible that major changes in the work shift schedule that these employees have to go through combined with a high level of work-related stress could endanger the physical health of the employees. Stressors at work can either be external or internal. (Ward et al., 2003) External stressors include extreme physical condition such as hot or cold room temperatures. An evidence-based research was conducted by Gershon et al. (2007) shows that there is a significant relationship between organizational climate and musculoskeletal disorders. In some cases, poor working environment related to insufficient lighting or the presence of noise pollution could also lead to stressful working condition. Several studies suggest that one of the risk factors that may have contributed to call centre agents’ upper limb discomfort includes the insufficient mobility while at work. (Lynn et al., 2001; Greening et al., 1999) Particularly the work-related ‘social demands’ such as the personal interaction of call centre agents with the clients and ‘organizational demands’ which includes excessive work load and responsibility could contribute to neck and lower back pains. (Daraiseh et al., 2003) Poor body posture at work also increases the workers’ risk of having a chronic ne ck pain. (Aptaker, 1996) Considering the large number of young mothers who are working with the company, it would be very difficult to force this group of employees to work during school holidays especially when there is nobody to take care of their children. Requiring sick employees and worried mothers to be present at work is not a good idea since employees will not be able to deliver a good quality customer service to the Phone-us clients. Implementing a strict organizational rule on absenteeism may only cause these employees to become de-motivated from working with the company. As a result, it is expected that the quality

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