Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Can an eye for an eye be morally justified Essay - 2

Can an eye for an eye be morally justified - Essay Example Beginning with the premise that killing someone is a barbaric act solves nearly half the problems. But then again, this has to be comprehended in due course of time and through different events. An eye for an eye will actually make the entire world blind and this globe would be filled with disabled people all around. Hence an eye for an eye concept simply nosedives for obvious reasons. When people start killing each other, the entire society comes to a standstill. There are families which lose out on their loved ones and then there are individuals who suffer because they have started missing a near and dear one within their lives. There is so much trouble happening within the world of today that it is next to impossible to fathom what exactly is going about. The people are fighting amongst themselves and thus killing each other because they feel this is the best way to find solace. I am vehemently against this dictum because it spells out negativity from the very outset of these nuan ces. There are individuals who will go all out in even a small dispute or moment of disparity. They will do everything to get their message heard and make their own selves the much-cherished winners. This, according to them, can only be done through killing the opponent – an act that is not only unacceptable but also barbaric in the sheerest sense. It makes life miserable for just about everyone within the society and gives a whole new meaning to the philosophy of living and letting others live as well.

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