Saturday, October 5, 2019

Research Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Research Proposal - Essay Example In these regards, a strong degree of passenger involvement is financial reason enough to motivate both the rail system and the makers of the advertisements to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the process. While digital advertisements may be firmly entrenched in new media technology they must be more situated towards subjective viewer experience if they are to gain maximum interactivity. The research seeks to accomplish these objectives through an approach that combines investigation into past statistical research, direct action research that investigates the extent that participants engage with the advertisements compared to advertisements in a control group, and finally post-experiment interviews with the participants. III. Specific Research Questions Do digital (rather than static) advertisements on the tube increase patron interactivity and engagement? Were the digital advertisements at all disruptive to the transportation service? How did the added sound affect the ir experience in the tube? How could these digital advertisements be better structured to encourage optimum interaction? How did the digital advertisements made the participants emotionally feel? Did they feel more or less connected to the other passengers when the digital advertisements were in the tube? IV. ... From a purely infrastructure standpoint one recognizes that modern railway system emerged from earlier trains and much of the qualitative approach to infrastructure, in this instance print advertising appears to have been carried over from an earlier era and not enough consideration given to the increasing technological mediation of the modern world. In this regards the study design is aimed not only at determining the general effectiveness and best possible course of action of digital advertising displays, but also that it would financially benefit the rail system to implement these digital displays. V. Research Concepts One of the predominant considerations of the methodological approach is the extent that it responds to the notion of a third paradigm of human computer interaction research. Harrison & Sengers (2007) argue that human computer interaction research has previously focused on two paradigmatic models. The first model considered the development of technological interactio n in terms of man-machine coupling. The second wave paradigm built on this coupling, further considering the way that technological interaction constitutes a form of information communication. The third paradigm, they contend, considers technological interaction as phenomenological experience. Considered within the context of the previously established research methodology it’s clear there are many areas where the research fails to address the third paradigm of human computer interaction research. In some areas the methodology considers the third wave paradigm experience of digital advertising in the tube. One recognizes that the phenomenological means of interaction the current research refers to places great emphasis on the experience the user has with the technology.

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