Sunday, October 6, 2019

Create an argument (premise, evidence and conclusion) that will adress Essay

Create an argument (premise, evidence and conclusion) that will adress which policies you would use to FIGHT THE WAR ON TERROR - Essay Example There are two significant reasons for this approach and the first one is that if we go beyond our own laws in the search for terrorists, we would invite international criticism and perhaps even an erosion of support from our allies. The 9/11 attacks were an unjust act of war but as the experiences immediately after the 9/11 attacks show, this American issue NATO into action with the enactment of Article 5 of the NATO treaty (Burke, 2004). Nearly every country in the world wanted to help America and bring the terrorists to justice so much so that the few rouge nations who recognized the Taliban regime quickly became allies to the war against terror. Pakistan was one such country which quickly changed its loyalties from the Taliban to follow western dictates despite the objections which were made by their fundamentalist groups (Burke, 2004). All these things happened simply due to the world seeing that the attack was unjust and as a victim of terrorism, America received all the diplomatic and moral support that it needed to bring the terrorists to justice. Therefore, the American attack on Afghanistan was in line with the constitutional policies of the nation and the attack was supported by the United Nations as well as other international bodies. At that point in time, it was commonly accepted that the culprits of these attacks must be brought to justice. However, later actions taken by America against Iraq and threats against other countries in the Middle East were not seen in a positive light especially when it came to the Europe Union. For instance, the French government was very unhappy about the American decision to enter Iraq and this has weakened the long standing transatlantic alliance (Sterba, 2003). Such policies of not taking our allies into confidence can be quite damaging for our cause and we must continue to gather the support of our allied nations before taking

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